Eyelids droop over sleepy eyes, vision blurs as we slip into unconsciousness. Slow steady breaths, in and out, soft white light welcomes us into dreaming. We swim the warm seas and taste the salt water on our lips and caress each other under the waves. I see your face in the reflection of the sun and the moon in the night sky. The hot sands of the beach welcome us in the morning as the sun rises on the horizon, it creates a distant mist in the mountains in the north and cools the shores in front of us. We walk hand in hand along the beach, contemplating our return home to our beds, to our sheets, to each other. Your breath steadies and your voice resounds in my mind, I love you dearly. I do not want to be parted from your side from this day forward. Scenes of the movie play across my closed lids as the sun sparkles sweet shadows on my walls. I see colors that don’t exist, with no names, I bask in their greatness. I open my eyes in the morning light and I see your beautiful face, I smile, and kiss your sweet loving lips. I wake up, all a dream.

Posted by star of the seaa on 2009-09-14 03:10:54