Asian Wedding Show, Glasgow

Just back from Asian Wedding Show with 1221 raws to sort! This image is one I prepared earlier (at the 2009 show).

I find it impossible to restrain myself from taking hundreds of images at events like this. Three girls who have modelled for me (and their pictures are also in my people set on Flickr – Ashleigh, Catriona & Rameet) were involved, so I obviously took a lot of photos of them. Then there were all the other models and some fabulous outfits too. Two fashion shows, rest of the show with stalls, etc. And the star attraction for many of the girls there was H-Dhami, a UK Bhangra singer with a funky infusion of British & Indian influences. His presence and thumping music drove particularly the girls wild and they sang along, danced and stretched out their arms to touch him. He totally played to the audience and indulged them by touching their hands which they loved! I took loads of photos of this part of the day too. In addition to all these great subjects, when people see a professional looking camera, they often ask me to take their photos too. It all adds up to hundreds of images.

The whole thing was a very happy event and fun to be at. I was even asked if I would do a whole Asian Wedding! I said no, but would be interested in helping document it.

One of the nicest things that happened today was that I got chatting to the owner of Anjalis Boutique (in Glasgow’s South Side). I had met her before , but not chatted to her. She was such a lovely person. She showered me with loads of food and ice cream, as one of their party hadn’t turned up and they had spare. And then I discovered she was from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania!! Where I am from! I also found out that she is also a Facebook friend of our son Omar, and a fan of his art, so I am sure we will be in touch again

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