Brought to the front of the stream as a lead in for watching one of the first color film tests made by Kodak. Norma Shearer was a Ziegfeld Girl and one of the women in the clip trying on the hat is Ziegfeld girl Mary Eaton.

Actress Mae Murray known as ‘The Girl with the Bee Stung Lips’ is wearing the red coat in the last half. The music fits perfectly and THE COLOR IS GORGEOUS! Filmed eighty years ago in 1922. Somehow seeing them in color, they are so alive! This is a way for those of us who love vintage photos to see people of a certain era live again. You will be very happy you watched it!…

Here is an article about it.

I got this at an antique show this weekend. To me, Norma Shearer is pure glamour. I couldn’t find anything on the photographer B. Josephs.

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