Indian woman resting after grass carrying in a village next to Buhj, Gujarat, India

World Tour 2013 – 2014 – day 208

After visiting Punjab and Rajasthan I continued southward to the next province of Gujarat, homeland of Mahatma Gandhi. In this less touristic area I decided to visit countryside by myself around Budj city. Since some villages were subject of small organized tour I decided to avoid it and took a bus almost randomly looking for more genuine encounter. I ended walking alone in the land and eventually met a guy who took me by motorbike in his village. There I met very nice and welcoming family.
The afternoon is relatively calm on the road but at the morning numerous women are carrying water of grass to the villages. Grass is for animals. People are not in a hurry and all know each other so I could do this friendly pictures very easily. The two girls of my host can be seen on the background.

The full HD movie of the journey can be seen here:…

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