Pascagoula Preper

Today’s story and sketch "by me" you see Pascagoula Gofish, in the township that was named after him by the early
inhabitants. One in particular, she being his first Earth Girlfriend, a Natchez Indian maiden named Naomi, she was
the tribes nutritionist and herbal "EMT" (Emergency,Metamucil,Trailmixer) she was the first herbalist to discover
"psyllium" a bulk forming fiber used as a laxative and propellant, she kept the tribe loose and happy, but that is a story for another time. But today we will write about that first meeting of Naomi and Pascagoula, it was on a Tuesday afternoon just as monster storm was approaching the area in the Gulf known as Mississippi, Pascagoula was busy watching his, (SRM), "Stormaugmented Reality Meter", which is a computer-generated content overlaid on a real world environment.
And that days environment was not so good, it was signaling a severe weather system "Hurricane coming soon".
Naomi first noticed the shinny Space ship, then was a bit startled when she noticed Pascagoula in a lawn chair looking
at a the "SRM" meter, he was like no one she had ever seen nice light grey complexion, and crystal clear black eyes.
The eyes were so beautiful to Naomi she walked up and began speaking in her native Natchezany language, lucky for
her Pascagoula could understand every known language in the universe, "It was not his first cruise to Earth",
but he had never seen an Earth girl who was so beautiful, they talked and talked about constipation and the approaching
Hurricane, Pascagoula and Naomi walked to her village to warn them about the upcoming disaster, and to all get into
a safe cave he had seen on there walk. The hurricane arrived and did massive damage, it wiped out the entire village, luckily Pascagoula had taken the precaution to load up the cave with his supply of moon pies. Pascagoula saved everyone,
and soon married Naomi, he became the official Natchez Weatherman, and lived happily with Naomi for many years.
Pascagoula has been a weatherman, the last four hundred years, but behind the scenes at fox TV channel 51
warning about Hurricanes, and selling Metamucil Moon Pies.
Till next time Taa ta the Rod Blog
Love is like weather, very hard to predict.

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