vanishing hongkong

I can recall 4 reasons for taking this picture:

1. I like taking the ferry between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. For tourists, this is a must. For 2 Hongkong Dollars (quarter US$), you’ll get a good view of Hongkong’s majestic skyline.

2. The colour of the ferry. I have lived in Hongkong for 11 years and I got used to green ferries with white roof. The colour of this ferry is really screaming.

3. The IFC tower, Hong Kong’s tallest office building. Designed by the architect of Petronas Twin Tower of Kuala Lumpur, Cesar Pelli. If you have seen the movie Tomb Raider (The Cradle of Life) , Lara Croft jumped from the top of this building.

4. The ongoing structure at the foot of IFC tower. It’s a reclamation area. Structures continue to be built on the harbours of Hong Kong. Don’t be surprised if one day Hong Kong Island and Kowloon will be connected because of the ongoing reclamations. Vanishing Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has always been associated with shopping, sky scrapers and now Disneyland. May I recommend you to visit Mr. Steen Heilesen’s photo stream for an amazingly different view of Hong Kong. I’m a fan of his wildlife images.

Posted by Victor Bautista on 2006-08-25 00:21:12

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